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Flow, power, rhythm, and groove might be the four most fitting words to describe the Basel based band Lévinoque.


Founded in 2019 by the two cousins and flatmates Léon Tanfutu and Vik Kähli, Lévinoque creates instrumental music for Piano, Drums and Bass with a deep groove and driving flow. The origin of their sound lies in the free melody, which determines the rhythmic and metric structure of a song and not the other way around. This approach to composing allows Lévinoque’s music to feel natural and free flowing despite its rhythmic complexity.


When the two cousins Léon and Vik became flatmates in 2016, they discovered improvising together. Almost every night there was a jam session until, three years later, they decided to form Lévinoque and to record their debut album Bolingo – which was the result of these jam sessions. They released the album in February 2021.


Lévinoque takes inspiration from a breadth of different genres, styles and artists – most notably the Avishai Cohen Trio and the Esbjörn Svensson Trio – whose influence is especially recognisable in Lévinoque’s upcoming EP Ares.

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